Business Model Canvas – Guide To Order Your Business Learning

Outlines the component parts to build a business model canvas guide
How to create a self-learning program guide and lay out your business model canvas to build your online business model and manage it successfully

Build your Self-Learning Program. The gate to the Individual Business Resurrection.

This article is a guide on the individual’s business models for the Internet markets. It supports its arguments on the essential principles of Management, taught by Dr. Peter Drucker, also on the methodical approach of the canvas business model tool.The purpose of this guide is to help you to create a self-learning program that works as a plan of study thematic that assists you to build and manage your own business and also achieve a successful career in the Internet business industry that helps you to overcomes the economic present and future uncertainty due to globalization.

You will be able to create a customized plan of study around Thematic Units that will work as nucleus of ideas of your self-learning program. Those thematic units will organize your learning under central themes that will also allow you to organize your mind and avoid being overwhelming by the disordered flow of information that comes from the Internet.

Finally, you will be able to synthesize the scheme of your desired business model in a business model canvas, which will then become the map of your business in the real world.

Dr. Peter Drucker- Management’s Father-honored by the US Government
  • Essential Management Principles support this Guide.

The essential structures and the generic functions of this guide are management principles applied anywhere in the world in any type of business, regardless of its size or business model.

In this case, who will guide us, is nothing more and nothing less than the Management’s Father: Dr. Peter Drucker(1909-2005).

We owe a debt of gratitude to the incredible work of Dr. Peter Drucker, in the field of administration and sociology, whose precise information clarified our points of view.

  • The Individual is Today the Web Business Hero

We think that the competitive advantage in today business world is in people.

Globalization has created an opportunity as never before for individual businesses, allowing access to globalized markets to anyone through a simple Internet connection.

Also, as a consequence of the Internet, the mass of consumers has moved from the physical and geographical place to the virtual world.

Therefore the global markets are available for individuals working from home.

Although technology executes the interaction with customers and clients, the purchase decisions remain to be a human act.

Every human act needs human communication.

As a consequence, a new business career arises as an opportunity of taking advantage of the individual main business competitive chance.

  • Individuals today have to regain control of their financial life.

This web business career emerges as an urgent need within the globalized world as a complementary alternative to any other economic activity.

Building a self-learning program is a necessary condition for successfully learning a Web Business Career because it is an area in which there is no plan of study like into formal education.

This Learning Guide will allow you to take advantage of your main competitive business advantage as an individual.

This possibility appears as an extraordinary opportunity in the last stage of the historical period known as Post Capitalism, that is, globalization.

Due to Globalization, only the individual as a human can perform such an essential economic activity that is so important because it sustains the existence of all the companies on the planet.

Everybody knows that there are millions of websites on the web, however, we should make us the following questions:

  • Are they getting new customers?
  • Are they selling their products or services profitably?
  • Are they real business o mere business stained glass?

The human ability to generate new customers and clients in cyberspace, where they live today, is without no doubt the lifeblood of any business in the world.

In short, the function of this learning guide is allows structuring and ordering the information, the ideas and the concepts that come scattered to your mind through the web to achieve a self-learning program that leads to master an alternative business career that will allow you a methodological approach to your own business.

As a result, your web business canvas will emerge as the map of your new business

When you have mastered the different elements that make up your new business career, you will want to take advantage of the tool “business model canvas” and then design your own web business.

This career will allow you to take advantage of the exceptional business advantage that you, as a person, have at your disposal in the new business scenario within cyberspace: become skilled in the customer acquisition art.

Mastering the art of getting customers is a great opportunity considered as a positive side effect created within the same globalization.



  • The basic Management Principles support this Guide.
  • How to use this guide:


1- The Essential PURPOSE that sustains any Business

2- The Essential CONDITION that Validates the Purpose

3-The Essential FUNCTIONS for Achieving the Purpose


1- The Essential STRUCTURE that carryout the Function


2-The Essential HUMAN’S SKILLS that Make Possible the Purpose


How to Build a Self-Training Program For Your New Web Business Career

If you want to build a new individual business, or improve an already existing one, no matter whether your business model is an online or local business, you have to structure it following the universal rules of management.

Moreover, if your project is to prepare yourself for a second web business career and you decide that your approach will be to achieve an overview of Internet business, learning from different sources of information, you will need to follow the same management rules to structure your learning program.

In the same way, if you are gathering information form Thematic courses, and you seek to extract from them the fundamentals and principles that make up the basis of the entire industry, in this case, you will need to give those principles a sense of structure following the same rules of management, which will allow you more easy comprehension.


This article will help you to create a self-learning program and layout your own business model canvas in which you can structure the knowledge and information gathered from the internet. It will also allow you to create a solid structure for your new or current business as a profitable machine of getting web customers.

Nowadays most of the customers are “web customers” including local customers, due to most of them are web users.

Therefore the new business must be structured as a getting customer’s machine.

Getting web customers is as an individual your main business strength.

Then you should understand how to prepare yourself for your new profession of getting web customers.

This guide will help you to structure your ideas and build a learning guide, from which your web business model will emerge, which will be expressed synthetically in a business model canvas.

Finally, when you have selected and ordered the knowledge and information gathered, and structured them into a rational frame, you will be able to create the know-how of your future business model and manage it.

Why it is necessary to structure any business over the base of essential management principles and web business model canvas?

When you decide to start an online business, you are navigating into different seas of confusing information, spread out into the Cyberspace. The same as in the ocean, there are no roads, and the sailor needs reference points to get to the port.

In the same way, like sailors used the Magnetic Pole and the Stars as references, or the satellites information, you will need some reference points, in order to structure the concepts and ideas that will guide your learning process through your goals.

Those reference points are the essential principles that rule the operative structures of any business in the world.

These basic management principles make up the map that will guide your actions through the different stages you have to pass in the process of building your own know-how in the web working sea of information.

The point is that achieving the knowhow for itself in a scenario of dispersed data, information and knowledge is an overwhelming task that prevents focusing on a single goal unless you have the guidance of solid reference points.

Therefore, learning a new business on the Internet within tons of overwhelming information requires keeping in mind the essential points of reference that allow focusing on your learning and your practice.

These reference points are the basic principles and fundamentals as well as the best practice derived from the expertise of successful businessmen collected and systematized by the Management.

When working in your learning process, it will help if you organize the content that you are learning according to the essential structural parts that allow performing the basic operative functions.

In the first stage of your learning process, you should achieve an overview of the main aspects of the Internet industry, through Thematic Tutorials.

When you are learning, it is also important to get experience and control in some basic tasks. So you should practice what you are learning.

The importance of your self-learning guide is because over time it will become first the know-how of your business and then the working method for the daily routine that will lead you on the path of continuous improvement and sustainability of your long-term business.

As a warning, you should avoid the risk of seeking to get rich with three clicks of the mouse; although someone will promise you that this is possible it is a lie that ends up in frustration.

One serious advice from most experts on online businesses is to stay focused on a single project that works for you as a prototype, avoiding the syndrome of the shiny object that disperses attention going through easy promises of becoming rich overnight.

  • How to use this guide:

The basic principles must be extracted and collected over time, learning the various topics that cover the essential aspects of web working grouped into Thematic Units.

For this purpose, you may learn from thematically focused tutorials that paint different parts of the puzzle that will allow you to make up your mind and come up with clear references that will empower you to decide about the model that cover your preferences.

Meanwhile, it would be helpful for you if you order and structure the concepts to learn as well as your ideas according to the Golden Rules and basic Principles and then synthesize them in the business model canvas below.

When you study the broad thematic tutorials, they generally expose different strategy and tactics. It is a good approach to those thematic courses if you try to find from those strategies and tactics the essential ideas, extracting the main concepts, and gather them around the Generic Functions expose in this guide. This way the learning will be ordered and structured in your mind, according to the generic business structure coming from universal management principles.


You should build your Business, no matter the model you chose, based on the golden rules directed by essential management principles.

The Golden Rules that you may considered are:

1-The Essential PURPOSE that sustains any Business

2-The Essential CONDITION that Validates the Essential Purpose

3-The Essential FUNCTIONS for Achieving the that Purpose

In the Web Working Business scenario, you should build your business like a Machine of Getting Web Customer on Profit.

These Golden Rules are the same for any business ventures anywhere in the entire world.

The rules that make up the Golden Rules are deeply considered by the Management in this case, we follow the thinks of Dr. Peter Drucker, well known as the Management’s Father.

1- The Essential PURPOSE that sustains any Business:

Let’s Check Out Dr. Drucker opinion:

Business Model Canvas summarize in a single page the best Management concepts

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father




 To know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose.

There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.

It is the customer who determines what a business is. It is the customer alone whose willingness to pay for a good or for a service converts economic resources into wealth, things into goods. What the customer buys and considers value is never just a product. It is always a utility, that is, what a product or service does for him.

Markets are not created by God, nature, or economic forces but by businesspeople.

2- The Essential CONDITION that Validates the Essential Purpose

Again let’s check Dr. Drucker advice:

Business Model Canvas summarize in a single page the best Management concepts

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father




Profit and profitability are, however, crucial for society even more than for the individual business.

Yet profitability is not the purpose of, but a limiting factor on business enterprise and business activity.

Profit is not the explanation, cause, or rationale of business behavior and business decisions, but rather the test of their validity.

If archangels instead of businessmen sat in directors’ chairs, they would still have to be concerned with profitability, despite their total lack of personal interest in making profits.

3-The Essential FUNCTIONS for Achieving the that Purpose

Summarizing the Management analysis of Dr. Peter Drucker:

Second Career for Second Half life-Dr. Peter Drucker

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father


Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two and only these two basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

Marketing alone does not make a business enterprise.

The second function of a business is, therefore, innovation the provision of different economic satisfactions.”

The only two MAJOR FUNCTIONS that matter for the life of any business enterprise are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Innovation

Therefore if we relate the previous considerations to the above quote we have that:


2-The goal of the INNOVATION is: ADD VALUE to Products or Services

Value-Added definition:

Value-added products or services are worth more because they have been improved or had something added to them.

Cambridge Dictionary


1-The Essential STRUCTURE that carryout the Essential Functions

2-The Essential HUMAN’S SKILLS that Make Possible the Essential Purpose

The path to building a business model canvas

1- The Essential STRUCTURE that carries out the Essential Functions

Those essential functions: Marketing and Innovation need the support of Operative Structures to be carried out.

The Operative Structure has been separated into three levels for better consideration and a more clear understanding.


The Generic Operative Structure is the same to every business models.

The Generic Structure is the essential operative scheme that is making up by the parts that perform the basic functions of any business.

All Business Enterprise, whether they are LOCAL Business or ONLINE business, needs a GENERIC STRUCTURE to reach their essential Purpose.

The proposals of solutions to different business problems on the Internet are huge. This leads to confusion, overwhelming the mind of those who try to start a business. Frequently they lose their goal until then they achieve order and mental clarity.

The Basic Generic Structure makes up the reference frame of our mind.

The components of the Generic Structure can be described from the basic areas that must be managed.

 All companies, whether individual companies, professional services or large companies, must manage these basic components.

Frequently these components are handled by different people, however, in the case of individuals businesses they are generally carried out by a single person.

The basic components that need to be managed which define the Generic Structure are:


The Supply is the specific products or services to be delivered.


The demand is formed by a significant group of people who are willing to purchase your proposition of value (products or services). You should manage the Demand, find and connect to those customers or clients and presenting to them in the right way the offer of your products or service. The Offer is a proposition of value of your supply, offered by a price. Then you should manage the purchase process.

  1. MANAGE THE SYSTEM (Operative Structures)

The System is a set of procedures make up by personal actions, physical elements, and recourses that are ruled by knowledge and skills that manage the relationship between the Supply and the Demand.

This basic scheme is valid for either a small or a big company anywhere in the world.

Also, it is applicable for local business owners or for independent professionals that work as self-employed, or for entrepreneurs. In the same way, any home worker struggling to becomes its own boss or a retired person searching for a new profession or just the young people dealing to get they own income steam is forced to face this three components in some way.

THEMATIC UNITS OF ACTIONABLE KNOWLEDGE that make up the Business Model for Individuals Business

The best way to consider, the specific structure of business models that market they products or services through the Internet is by grouping the concepts and ideas into Thematic Units of Actionable knowledge that they carry out the different functions of the basic generic structure.

A Thematic Unit is a series of lessons organized into a nucleus of related knowledge. You must know each thematic unit to understand each actionable knowledge area.
Each thematic unit, is a step forward in the individual business environment, especially in the art of winning customers on the Internet and achieving success with your business.

Some Relevant Thematic Units for Specific Business Models Internet Based
  • Blogging
  • Hosting Service
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Organic Traffic
  • Pay Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Internet Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Although all the web business models share more or less the same Thematic Units, however, each specific business model gives more weight to ones or other ones.  The two “word cloud” pictures below, emphasize with different letter size the relevance that each part has into each business model.

No matter what business model you choose for your specific business, the Essential Management Rules, remain the same.

The BUSINESS MODELS STRUCTURE derives from the BASIC STRUCTURE and lead to a Specific Business Model Canvas

 The Specific Business Model Structure is unique for each type of business.

From the basic generic structure of any business enterprise, is deriving countless BUSINESS MODELS, both offline and online.

The specific structure of any business model follows the basic scheme of Generic Structure, of course, adapted for a specific purpose. It can be as complex as the structure of a large corporation or as simple as an individual business structure.

The different BUSINESS MODEL STRUCTURE, are specific and they can be grouped in a few generic TYPES.

In the cyberspace there are many different business models available for each individual preference – However, those different models have just only one main critical activity: Getting Customer i.e.  Manage The DEMAND.


From the BASIC GENERIC STRUCTURE of all Business Enterprise previous described it is possible to determine the type of basic model that interests us.

The Generic System defined above as “a set of procedures make up by personal actions, physical elements ruled by knowledge and skills that manage the relationship between the Supply and the Demand” is conditioned by the way in which the chosen business model manages the Supply and Demand. To the four possibilities referred below should be added some possible combinations between each one. Anyway, these four possibilities allow clarifying how our model works.

a-The Supply, Locally Managed

b-The Supply, Online Managed

c-The Demand, Locally Managed

d-The Demand, Online Managed

The competitive advantage for individuals and the possibilities of a second career are the result of choosing a business model that manages the demand online. The Business Model Canvas for individual business (at the bottom) focuses on the Customer Acquisition Process.

In any case, if you are working as an entrepreneur, or as a self-employed, or like outsourcer or freelancer or even as an employee for an enterprise, no matter whether you are the owner of a local business or works for a local business, you should manage the demand online in order to take advantage of your main individual competitive advantage.

Business Model Canvas diagram

An individual entrepreneur is someone that decides to be in charge of its financial fate. If you are someone who is willing to become a self-coach and to achieve your business goals, it is necessary for you to have a holistic approach to your own training, in other words, you have to plan your learning like a multidiscipline job. This approach should cover all the topics that make up the know-how of your business that allow you to find the evergreen fundaments that will be the permanent structure of all your future leanings and actions, as well as the basis for structuring the new information that you will be receiving in the future. This general approach is also necessary if you want to outsource some or all the task of your business.

Any Individual Business Model must be built as a machine of Getting Customers on profit.

Approach to a Business Model Canvas for Personal Business

This article is especially focused on the resurrection of individual businesses.

The purpose of this guide is to help you create a self-learning program that allows you to master the profession of acquiring clients in the web markets that will help you order your mind and allow you to sketch a business model canvas that allows you to create and manage your own business.

The next step is to show you how to set the layout of your new business using the business model canvas tool.

What is a business model?

A business model is defined as:

Essentially it tells us how the key drivers of a business fit together.

The Essential Operative Drivers for Individuals' Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas bellow is focused only on the areas that are especially relevant for an individual business.

The information of the other fields is specific for each particular case.

business model canvas, online based

2-The Essential HUMAN'S SKILLS that Make Possible the Essential Purpose

The Critical Task that can Make or Break you Business

The Critical Structural Component 

Although the entire basic tasks must be performed most of the task can be subcontracted.

However, there is a critical task that once it performs well, the other factors are easy to manage. 

The critical Task is managing DEMAND.

When you ensure an appropriate Demand, you ensure the sustainability of your business in the long run.

When the customer acquisition process works fluently, the other basic components can be easily managed, because the cash flow allows that.

So the name of the game is to become skilled in Customers Acquisition process.

The main skills that you should master:

The Web Worker is as mentioned before any person who carries out any business model on the Internet. While all business models require different activities and practices, they all have in common the need to perform the same practices to find consumers on the Internet.

Getting Customer is a science and an art that require practice to master it. Practice makes a master!.

Every year, every business lost a part of their clients and should be getting new ones to replace those that were lost or add new ones that increase its customer portfolio or customer list if pursuit to increase its business. Today into the Internet markets the thing happened at more speeds that in the traditional markets.

So it is important to keep working on getting new customer all the time.

The sustainability of any business depends on Acquiring Web Customer permanently. On the other hand, the acquisition of customers is the main individual strength and the main human competitive advantage in business. This is a source of infinite opportunities for individuals wishing to learn an unrestricted career of web customer acquisition. 

What are those basic skills that allow individuals to succeed in the world of work on the web?

Who are Web Workers Winners?

The Web Workers Winners are a type of Web Worker that assist People and Business to achieve their goals leading them to get win-win deals that benefit both.

The Web Workers Winners makes his job mastering the Art of Web Customers and Clients Acquisition.

The ”Web Worker” like his father the “Knowledge Worker” were both born within the historical period known as Post Capitalism after the second World War also named Globalization.

Like his father, the Web Worker, share with him the same genetic of knowledge plus the genetic of his mother the “Information Age” in the last stage of the same period.

From the above mentioned, are derived the skills that are necessary to mastering.

Those skills focus on the businesses Essential Purpose: the Customer Acquisition Process, in which individuals have their greatest competitive advantage. The Customer Acquisition Process is the support of the main business need that is taking care of the online demand.

The essential learning, Getting Customers, on profits that is useful in any business model, is the cornerstone that supports any business in the world. It is also the main advantage that individuals can develop and that constitutes its main competitive advantage.

Just mastering this only skill it can become by itself a profitable income stream.

  • How to manage a specific business’ Model that fit your preferences

The basic learning for specific business models is based on knowledge related to the structure of the SYSTEM that manages the interaction between Supply and Demand.

For beginners, the System can mean just a Blog, an autoresponder and a Facebook account

The Individual business approach determines what task the owner will do and what will delegate to outsourcers.

Some specific types of business models for Web Workers:

Tips for an appropriate approach to your startup business

Tips for achieving the proper mindset for an appropriate approach to your start-up business:

  • Always keep in mind the condition that validates the entire business endeavor that you make: Getting Customers on profits.
  • Be clear about the generic business structure
  • In everything, you learn, try to look for the fundamentals that do not change and order them according to the function structure.
  • Start learning with a low-cost Thematic focused courses
  • Take personal responsibility for your own training
  • The knowledge that is practiced is learned
  • Avoid the shiny object syndrome- Keep focused on one business model. Don’t start jumping from one model to another
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they will teach you.
  • Start Small but Dream Big.
  • Success is the result of taking action and commitment


Any business, whether they are online or offline, needs to get customers in order to grow and survive.

No matter what the business model is, in any case, their structure must follow the Golden Rules

From the Golden Rules, you should build a Getting Customer Machine, following the management Basic Generic Structure.

Getting Web Customers is the main individual business strength that opens up for persons a lot of opportunities, because of this very important task, is also the essential function that any business in the world must perform well if pursue a long and healthy life. Fortunately, this is the Individuals main strength and its best business competitive advantage.

The current stage of the Post Capitalism has special significance for individuals due to the same like happened in 1944 when the history made available the unrestricted access to business education for everyone that was willing to face their fate, today the history it is repeated again.

The self-education is now again available and this guide is an attempt to help you how to find some comprehension of the current scenario and a way to achieve your goals.

It is suggested that you read the other three pillars Articles, that make up the Cardinal points that map up the entire historical landscape in which these opportunities arise as a way of compensating the collateral damage caused by the Globalization of the Economy to people that until now has not to be allowed of taking advantage of global opportunities and to be integrated as an active force in a globalized world.

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