Customers Acquisition, Businesses Goal, But Individual’s Skill

The Customers Acquisition Skill is the major Individual Competitive Strength

Customers’ acquisition is the essential goal for any business in Economic history, anywhere in the world and for any type and size of business.

Despite to acquire customers is the essential goal for any business, this task is a personal skill.  It is a human skill that only is possible to master by humans.

Most importantly this brings a great source of business opportunities for individuals all around the world.

The Web Workers Winners main goal is to achieve Win-Win results learning about the art of assisting people on how to make the best Purchases’ decisions that is the start point the of the Customer Acquisition’s Process and at the same time help businesses to achieve their primary goal of Getting  Web Customers and improve their performance.


1- Web Customers acquisition is today the main priority for any business in the world

2- Web Customers acquisition is the major individual strength and its main competitive advantage

3- Web Customers acquisition skills, are the cornerstone for the resurrection of Individual business opportunities

4-How to take advantage of the individual’s main business strength


1- Web Customers acquisition is today the main priority for any business in the world

This article is based on the extraordinary contribution of the outstanding work of Dr. Peter Drucker –The Management’s Father-(1909-2005)

Dr. Peter Drucker- Management’s Father-honored by the US Government

The Management point of view:

  1. The Main Business PURPOSE
  2. The essential CONDITION that VALIDATES the Main Business Purpose

1. The Main Business PURPOSE (for any economic activity)

No matter the type of a business or its size, no matter how it works, whether locally or online or if it is an organization or a professional, any economic activity in the world has to achieve one single goal in order to survive: To get more customers than those that lost.

Let’s Check Out Dr. Drucker considerations:

Dr. Peter Drucker's Quote

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father




 To know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose.

There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.

It is the customer who determines what a business is. It is the customer alone whose willingness to pay for a good or for a service converts economic resources into wealth, things into goods. What the customer buys and considers value is never just a product. It is always a utility, that is, what a product or service does for him.

Markets are not created by God, nature, or economic forces but by businesspeople.

The want a business satisfies may have been felt by the customer before he or she was offered the means of satisfying it, but it remained a potential want until the action of businesspeople converted it into effective demand. Only then is there a customer and a market.

2.The essential CONDITION that VALIDATES the Main Business Purpose

The Process of getting clients or customers has an only and just only one validating condition that determines whether the process worth or not. That condition is Profitability.

Again let’s check Dr. Drucker considerations:

Dr. Peter Drucker's Quote

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father




Profit and profitability are, however, crucial for society even more than for the individual business.

Yet profitability is not the purpose of, but a limiting factor on business enterprise and business activity.

Profit is not the explanation, cause, or rationale of business behavior and business decisions, but rather the test of their validity.

If archangels instead of businessmen sat in directors’ chairs, they would still have to be concerned with profitability, despite their total lack of personal interest in making profits.

Getting Web Customers is the main Business Goal, but a Personal Sill
  • How to gain new customers profitably are the main question and the essential endeavor for the survival of any economic activity in any part of the Planet.


The customer acquisition process is a challenge unavoidable for anyone in the economic world.

The reason is obvious: if the number of customers increases, it means that the income also increases.

Since 1970, the Internet has become an essential and imperative tool to manage the relationship between Supply and Demand, i.e., to manage the customer acquisition process.

It is a well-known fact that every business regularly loses a certain percentage of customers. That customers need to be replaced by more customers than those lost, stabilizing or increasing the current critical mass and allowing to grow, otherwise, the business is getting fall.

The survival of any type of business or any economic activity is directly related to the task of gaining new customers that compensate the normal customer losses, along the time.

This is a permanently challenges for everybody involved in any economic activity. The advent of the Internet brings about a great opportunity. The niches of the market in which we should find our demand could be spread out over the entire planet or located in the same neighborhood in which we have our local business. Today there is no problem to interact with the customers located in any place of the world or with those who live in the same neighborhood two blocks away from our business. So, learning the process of Customer Acquisition in the Cyberspace has become the “cornerstone of the sustainability of any business and also the key factor of the growth and the main economic actions that support of the business economic viability.

Getting Web Customers is an individual strength

Individual may be more effective than an organization in the task of getting customers profitably

Despite that getting customers is the Main Purpose, the problem is that not always getting customers is a real success.

The purpose of getting customers in organizations is usually in charge of the Marketing department. The Marketing department is made up of individuals who are generally highly specialized in one aspect of the process of getting customers, in which each one is very effective.

The mission of the marketing department and of each one of the individuals that make it up is Getting Customers.

The purpose of Getting customers by itself it is not enough, it must be validated by the condition that determines whether it is successful or not.

In individual businesses, where resources are few, and there is no margin for costly mistakes, the person in charge of obtaining clients is permanently aware that profitability is an essential condition on which the life and growth of their business depend.

2- Web Customers acquisition is the major individual strength and its main competitive advantage

Personal touch prevails over the technology with the customers and clients.
Dr. Peter Drucker's Quote

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father



What Are My Strengths?

Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong.

People know what they are not good at, more often, and even there, people are more often wrong than right.

And yet, one can only perform with one’s strengths. One cannot build performance on weaknesses, let alone on something one cannot do at all.

For the great majority of people, to know their strengths was irrelevant only a few decades ago.

But now people have choices. They, therefore, have to know their strengths so that they can know where they belong.

There is only one way to find out: the feedback analysis.

Several action conclusions follow from the feedback analysis:

  • The first, and most important, conclusion: Concentrate on your strengths. Place yourself where your strengths can produce performance and results.
  • Work on improving your strengths.
  • Of particular importance is the third conclusion: Identify where intellectual arrogance causes disabling ignorance.

    Far too many people and especially people with high knowledge in one area are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being “bright” is a substitute for knowing.

  • An equally important action conclusion is: Remedy your bad habits things you do or fail to do that inhibit your effectiveness and performance.
  • The next action conclusion from the feedback analysis involves what not to do.
  • The final action conclusion is: Waste as little effort as possible on improving areas of low competence. Concentration should be on areas of high competence and high skill.

Why is it important that as individuals we discover our strengths?

By the first stage of Post-Capitalism after World War II, individuals were relegated and displaced as an important economic factor and like an engine of the wealth growth.

The economic system forced people to work as employed for big organizations.

The automation of tasks by robotics and new computer technologies, together with the generation of large organizations that handle large capitals, forces the individual to be adapted.

For individual it became almost impossible to develop an independent economic activity.

The falls down on stats that display the “American dream” evolution, together with the reduction of the number of young people who venture to start independent businesses, are just two signals of the same fact.

The times have changed. The moment is now.

The Internet opened a gap that brings global markets closer to the individual, allowing them to develop the unique capabilities they have as a human being in a world dominated by technology and big organization where the main fuel that keeps all the economic functions active are the utilities that the system gets from their customers. 

The individuals, aware of their main economic strength, willing to take advantage of their major competitive advantage developing skills and expertise to sell into the cyber markets, can recover their individual role in the economic system, as engines of wealth creation.

 At the same time, they will be creating their own sources of income, taking advantage of the same system that made of individual’s entrepreneur a museum piece, recovering the control of their economic life.

Getting web customers is not achievable by artificial intelligence or any other technology. The reasons are because of the purchase decision that changes the status of a person, from stranger to a new customer, is determined not only by needs as one of the Marketing principles teach,  but by multiples unpredictable factors.

Just as an example, a telephone call that interrupts a purchase decision, postponing the decision moment a few minutes, can lose the client.

Every salesperson knows that unpredictable situations that delay the decision moment frequently are the difference between sell or not to sell.

Only individuals can act on those situations and make a difference.

The mayor business goal is also the main individual business strength

Emphasizing the main ideas, the purpose that sustains the existence of any business on the Planet, get customers, is a task that can only be carried out by a human being since it means to make another human being, changing from a stranger into a Customer. This is an art and a science, and as all art combines two aspects: a) Knowledge b) Practice. Mastery in this art is a unique possibility of human nature; it can’t be done either by machines or by systems, only by individuals.


These are the reasons why only a human can manage those unstable factors of other human beings.

The deep meaning of verb “INFORM” teach us about the great opportunities of the Information Age for Individual.

The process of Web Customers acquisition is “to INFORM” people. Achieve this goal need to provide them with accurate information that allows them to realize new unnoticed Realities that help them take advantage of new Opportunities. This is an art and science that require Responsibility. This only can be done by a human being.

To inform came directly from Latin: “Informare”. It is compound by “in” = “into” + formare “to form, shape,” from forma “form”

The meaning is: “to give form or shape to”, also “form the mind of”, “teach”, “to shape”, “give form to”, “delineate,” figuratively: “train”, “instruct”, “educate”.

This is the meaning of the word “Inform” like it has been used for years by Dr. Rollo May, one of the most prominent psychotherapists of the 20 century –He thought  that “to inform”, is to modify the mental structure of  persons and make them see what they have not seen before, taking advantage of the new vision.

As a human skill, either for a psychotherapist such as Dr. Rollo May or for a Web Worker in his work of acquiring consumers, the Information process is to show ideas, concepts, and arguments that restructure the people vision regarding some aspect of reality.

In the case of a person that works through the Internet, i.e. the Web Workers, should perform this process without seeing others persons face to face, hence, have to use communications support means that help them to communicate their message throughout the information technology.

Although, actually the art of communicating accurate messages is named Copywriting, in fact, it comes from the ancient Greek Rhetoric, as the art of using language to convince or persuade ethically.

Aristotle is generally considered the author of developing the basics of the system of rhetoric.

The Rhetoric by Aristotle is regarded by most rhetoricians as the most important single work on persuasion ever written. For the work by Aristotle, see Rhetoric (Aristotle)

In spite of having to use technology to communicate with people into the Internet markets, the Web Worker’s messages follow a human pattern ruled by Copywriting, this is another reason way the Customer Acquisition process, can’t be done by technologies or organization, but only by human being.

In the technological markets, of human customers, only humans can make a difference.

Today in the modern business world, where the customers live on the Internet, the businesses without individuals are weak.

Somebody can say that this seems an overstatement, arguing that actually “vending machines” don’t need any person.

Good Point! However if in the same room there are three vending machines, selling the same products, and the one in the middle is yours, how will you do to achieve that your vending machine makes the sale instead of the others. There is no way!

There is still one argument! You can say that what matter is the statistic because, in the long run, each one will sell 33 % because the three are equals and the three are selling the same products.

Although those arguments are correct, however, if different suppliers sales the same product in the Internet markets, their selling process are completely different between each other. Their actions are not only different, but they are constantly adapting it to the preferences of their customers and to the Marketing actions of their competitors; this can only be done by humans, only by people.

Neither machines nor systems can compete with individuals in the customer’s acquisition tasks into the Internet Markets.

What does this assertion stand for?

The reason that makes of Getting Customers on the Internet the individual’s main competitive advantage is due to this advantage comes from the fact that nobody becomes a Customer until after making a purchase. However, before making a purchase, people need to make a decision:  the purchase decision.

The purchase decisions are essentially human acts, carried out by one or more individuals that are conditioned by multiple determining factors like any human events; although the decisions would have been rationalized, however, at a deep level, the emotions have the command.

The purchase decision is always a human act no matter if it is made by a single person or by a group; in any case, it is surrounding uncertainty, and fears.

The task of getting people to make the decision to buy is the most personal and individual economic task, it requires two essential human qualities, (among others), to have empathy with human nature and the possibility of communicating reliable and convincing human messages as the result of the wisdom acquired by the practice of specific knowledge along the time.

The purchase decisions are conditioned by multiples determining factors. These factors are others than the main reason supporting Marketing strategies that are to say the Customer’s Needs.

The needs are in some way inalterable facts until they are satisfied. The customers’ needs can be considered independent variables, out of the seller control. The seller can only expose the needs but not to create them. On the other hand, there are endless determining factors that make the difference between who will get the purchase decision and who will lose it.

These factors are in some way unpredictable and volatiles, they are changing on the fly. These determining factors are as unstable as the flow of information that collects the consumer mind. These are variables with some human control.

3- The Web Customers acquisition skills are the cornerstone for the resurrection of Individual business opportunities.

Customer Acquisition skills support the Individual Business Resurrection

As mentioned, the Web Customer Acquisition, is the primary need for any business and it is also the person main economic competitive advantage as individual so, as a consequence of the conjunction of both facts, it is created a situation from which arise countless business opportunities together with the possibility of the resurrection of individual economic life.

The human characteristic of Web Customers Acquisition is supported on the Information process based on the art of Communication.

The Information process opens up possibilities that can’t be covered by organizations, or technologies, but only by individuals just by a human being, because it is based on the human communications, and because that, the human wisdom and the personal expertise, gets the results.

The information as it, have to be created based on the facts and data of reality processed upon the light of knowledge. In the end, Information is produced as a new meaning and comprehension from the data and facts gathered together. It is an interpretation of reality.

In the cyberspace the communication never happens face to face like in the real world, this means that it is necessary to know how to communicate those messages either by text, voice graph or video and how these messages are adapted to different audiences.

So the Purchase Decision that is the start point of the Customer acquisition process becomes the most important economic event of any economic activity in history. Without a purchase decision there is no Customer consequently there is not business as well.

The purchase decision is the fact that supports the existence of products or services for sale. If there is no purchase decision, the products lose their reason for being. It also doesn’t make sense to manufacture them and of course, the company existence that produces them is nonsense.

In the end, the Purchase Decision is an achievement of Human Communication. In the same way, the Customer Acquisition that is the consequence of the Purchase Decision is also an achievement of the Human Communication.

To put it differently, being the Web Worker the heir and continuator of the Knowledge Worker, the same like its predecessor uses knowledge as one of the resources to create Information. This is the reason why Getting Customers in Cyberspace that is the main purpose of businesses, is essentially a human task, only achievable by individuals with human skills and knowledge.

Reconsidering our initial statement in order to remember own main purpose: “The Web Workers Winners main goal is to achieve Win-Win results learning about the art of assisting people on how to make the best Purchases’ decisions that is the start point the of the Customer Acquisition’s Process and at the same time help businesses to achieve their primary goal of Getting Web Customers and improve their performance”

The practice is a must; it creates expertise from knowledge, and wisdom from the expertise.


As a conclusion it worth to make the following question: Who is the main Actor in the new Web Working scenario?

The Individual is. Its outstanding unique strength and competitive advantage become him the True Actor on the web markets.

However,  the Customer Acquisition process depends on the individuals aware of their main strength that are willing to take advantage of it, with the appropriate dedication and commitment.

The shift to the knowledge society puts the person in the center because customers are humans.

Let’s look again at the concepts of Dr. Drucker regarding “Knowledge” the main resource used in obtaining customers and “Managing Oneself” as the best way to take advantage of own strength:

Dr. Peter Drucker's Quote

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father




Knowledge is not impersonal, like money. Knowledge does not reside in a book, a databank, a software program; they contain only information. Knowledge is always embodied in a person; carried by a person; created, augmented, or improved by a person; applied by a person; taught and passed on by a person; used or misused by a person. The shift to the knowledge society therefore puts the person in the center.

Dr. Peter Drucker's Quote

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father



Managing Oneself:

What Knowledge Workers Can Expect More and more people in the work force will have to learn to manage themselves. They will have to place themselves where they can make the greatest contribution to the company, and they will have to learn to develop themselves. They will also need to stay young and mentally alive during what may be a 50-year working life. They will be in charge of their own destinies.

These are powerful new demands on individuals, Including discovering what your strengths are, who you are and how you work; asking where you belong; defining your contribution; taking responsibility for relationships; and planning for the second half of your life.

4-How to take advantage of the individual’s main business strength

  • Taking advantage use of the Web Worker main Strength

As it was said, the Customer acquisition process Internet-based is a new technique and art that should be mastered. The new sales process arises as the fundamental base for the new opportunities that we can find in the new web markets.

The use of the Internet as a new way to find the demand of any business revives the most basic need of the economic system: get new clients or customers. Acquire new buyers has been for centuries, the lifeblood of any economic activity.

In this scenario, Individuals can be reborn as entrepreneurs. It is possible, as in the past, to create our own independent source of income and overcome financial uncertainty and again becoming our own bosses as it was in other time.

In any case, the “Web Workers Winners” are all those people that are willing to use their main business strength and take advantage of the major demanded activity in the business world that is “getting customers”, either, for their own business, or for outsource their skills to any business into the Internet markets.

The self-learning to master the art of getting customers is the path, to a better financial life
  • Different areas in which the Individuals can display their unique strength

Summarizing, a Web Worker can sell anything, anywhere in the world, from his house, without restrictions, with a very affordable budget.

This brings about the chance of getting customer online, at a low cost and with a minimum investment that benefits different types of activities according to the business model chosen.

Some possible business model:

Working as entrepreneur

Because of the advantage of being an individual, already mentioned, the “Web Worker” can now reach people around the world and contact all types of potential customers, of different races, ages, sex, educational level, economic capacity, preferences, likes etc., and working on his own at a low budget.

Working as a local business owner or as an independent professional  

In this particular case, either if they are local business owners or independent professionals, that cover a limited area who are already installed, or just are thinking to start a new activity, they need to reach clients in their neighborhood or in their area. In spite their customer may live very close to their location those new clients are unknown, no information has about them due to they have never met them before.

Therefore the web working skill to acquire customers is the path to grow.  It not only provides the means to find the new customers but the way to keep close contact with them.

Working as freelance

So, being the internet a digital means, those who make some type of work or service through the Internet or locally for others, should sell that work or service to somebody who has not met before and who face probably never will see, and at the same time should keep the professional presence without significant investment.

Working as employee, for different types of companies

On the other hand, companies that want to get customers or increase their business portfolio within the Internet markets, are forced to hire individuals who do the work that technology cannot do. This opens up an additional business possibility for those who master this art and contract their services as employees or as outsourcers.

Embrace a new complementary business career for the second half life

These new business opportunities match with this singular historical situation when the lengthening of the average life and the financial vulnerability of pension funds are forcing us to prepare for the second act of our life, developing a second career.

Getting skilled in the context of the Internet, like an Online business person, it is today, more possible than never before.  This is almost the same that happened when starting the Post-Capitalism in 1944 with unrestricted learning programs for veterans of World War II that changed the entire World history. Today by the sake of the Internet, the history again has opened a new window of outstanding opportunities for individuals business.

Under this situation, you will be a new pioneer who goes out to conquer the deep seas of information offered on the internet navigating with solid reference points, searching the business model that matches the preferences that will allow you to find your own fate.

Hence, no matter if you think to work in a local business or in an online business, or if it is going to be a home-based business or as an outsourcer, it does no matter, if you work as a self-employed or as an independent professional, in any case, you are or will be a web worker and you will need to take advantage of all those practices that will help you master the art of Getting Web Customers on profit.

This new profession is not an academic structured program; anyone by itself should become a self-teacher and creates its own learning program. In this case, you need to resort to your natural gifts, to your will, to your courage and your determination of working for yourself in the process of self-training, which is possible with the accurate guidance.

This is a global and local profession, in which no borders exist, no distance exists, and it is also not limited by the age that the society determines in which we have to retire from our job. Where the learning places as moved from the college, like Dr. Peter Drucker, said:

"Business Purpose: To Create a Customer"

Dr. Peter Drucker - The Management's Father



This, in turn, is likely to move learning off campus and into a lot of new places: the home, the car or the commuter train, the workplace, the church basement or the school auditorium where small groups can meet after hours”

Customers acquisition essentials tasks


From the main human’s business strength, arise the possibility of the resurrection of the individual business that collapsed during the Globalization.

Getting Clients and Customers at Profit is the main Goal of any business in the world.

Surprisingly it is also the main human competitive advantage and its major strength.

In other words, the individual can do what business most need but that neither machines nor systems can perform: the Customers Acquisition Process.

In the same way, the Customers acquisition process is what makes possible and viable in the long-term any independent individual business.

The need for Customer Acquisition professionals in the online world is an evergreen Career and a fountain of opportunities:

Every year, business lost part of their clients and should be getting new ones to replace those lost or increase its customer portfolio getting more customer than those lost if they pursuit to increase its business.

Today under Internet markets, thing happen at more speeds that in the traditional markets. So it is important to keep working on getting new customer all the time.

Any Business Model must be created as a machine to get customers at a profit.

That’s why it’s essential to learn how to get Customer Online at a Profit

The Web Worker as mentioned is any person who carries out any business model on the Internet. While all business models require different activities and practices, they all have in common the need to perform the same practices as regards to finding consumers on the Internet.

Getting Customer is a science and an art that require practice to mastering.

It is not that complicated as it may seem.

Although that everything seems to be a little confusing, there is a way to follow a rational approach that makes up your mind and provide you the appropriate know-how.

You need to know how to start your learning program and what is the fundamental structures that will guide you to keep your main focused in the references points allowing ordering your learning and lay out the know-how of your business.

Also, you may consider the approach using the thematic focused low-cost tutorial in order to get the landscape where you will find the evergreen principles that will guide you in your endeavor.

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